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We've assembled over 28+ of the world's leading church media and marketing experts to teach you the Essentials, Events and Experiences that will reach more first time visitors.

They'll show you how your church can be a magnet for first time visitors without being gimmicky, breaking the bank, or setting unrealistic expectations.

This exclusive online event is broken down into three easy-to-follow sections to help you succeed faster:


to Reaching First Time Visitors

We'll explore baseline structures and practices that are crucial in preparation for growth. Learn from the best.


that Reach More First Time Visitors

Events are one of the greatest opportunities to attract visitors. Become an expert at leveraging your events for church growth!



that Keep More First Time Visitors

Events may bring them in, but a visitor's return hinges on experiences. Get expert advice on doing it right!

Your FREE Ticket to the Summit ($249 Value)

20+ Church leaders teach you their #1 secret to reaching more people and connecting them to the life of your church.

Jarrid Wilson

author and inspirational blogger

director of leadership @LifeWay

Todd Adkins

The 4Sight Group

Jennie Catron

Jason Young

Michael Persaud

creative pastor

Steven Miller

Katie Allred

Kenny Jahng

Alejandro Reyes

Tyler Smith

Ryan Wakefield

Michael Lukaszewski

Greg Atkinson

author and

that church conference

Justin Dean

creative entrepreneur and author

Jonathan Malm

church social media expert

Malachi O'brien

Chris Abbott

Steve Fogg

Brian Beauford

Casey Cease

Justin Trapp

Chuck Scoggins

lead pastor at

Joshua Irmler

founder of new churches

Daniel Im

Barbara Carneiro

creative arts pastor at

Ben Stapley

Tyler Rominger

Dick Hardy

Your FREE Ticket to the Summit ($249 Value)

Access the experience of 20+ top church leaders. Unlock their secrets to reaching more first time visitors and growing your church.


The Church Hacks Summit features top ministry leaders who have made the common mistakes, course corrected, and cultivated winning strategies that attract and assimilate first time visitors. Face it, none of us will live long enough to make all of the mistakes ourselves. It only makes sense to learn from others!

The CHS speakers collectively bring hundreds of years of experience to the table. There's simply no better braintrust on the topic of reaching, assimilating, and integrating church visitors.

Traditional conferences can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. Travel, lodging, time commitments and scheduling conflicts get really complicated and expensive. The Church Hacks Summit is free. But you must claim your spot now because each presentation will stream free for JUST 3 DAYS — then it’ll be locked up in the Church Hacks Summit vault.

With top ministry leaders and pastors, you can be assured there will be no boring talking heads! You get to see the expert speakers and have a real, authentic conversation about topics that matter to you, with instant takeaways and actionable advice you can use immediately.

Here's Why You Should Attend This Online Summit:

#1 You'll Learn from Expert Church Leaders

#2 Your Ticket is FREE

#3 Action-Step Packed Sessions

What Makes This Summit Different:

No Travel Necessary

The Summit presentations will be available online so you never have to leave your home or office. Don't come to us - we'll come to you!

Flexible Schedule

Because this event is web-based, each session can be watched at whatever time works best for you. The sessions will be there whenever you're ready.

Proven Church Leaders

These are not idealistic or hypothetical strategies. Each speaker has years of real-world church experience, and they'll be sharing their discoveries with you!

High Quality Media

Each session will be captured with top-quality audio/video equipment ensuring that you can see and hear clearly.

Your FREE Ticket to the Summit ($249 Value)

This incredible value is available at NO COST for a limited time. Don't wait - claim your spot right now!


Common Questions About The Summit:

Will this be a good fit for me?

Are you involved in ministry at your church as a pastor or other ministry leader? Do you want to see your church grow by reaching and retaining more first time visitors? If the answer is "yes" this will be a good fit for you. That's what the Summit is all about!


How do I watch the Summit sessions?

Each session will be delivered to you via email over the course of the 3-day conference. Each email will include a link to view the streaming video of that particular session on your computer, tablet, or smartphone at your convenience.


Where is this event located?

As an online streaming conference, the Summit is located wherever you want it to be! At your home, in your office, in your vehicle during commutes, or anywhere else you have an internet connection. Think of it as a conference you can put in your pocket.


I can’t attend the live sessions.

Will I get a recording?

The beauty of the Church Hacks Summit is that there are no live sessions. Each speaker will be pre-recording their content for delivery throughout the 3-day event. This gives you flexibility to watch within that timeframe as your schedule allows!


How long will the sessions be available?

Each session will be available to watch free for 72 hours after its release. After sign-up, be sure to check out the All-Access Pass, which includes unlimited lifetime access to every session as well as an awesome collection of valuable bonuses!


What if I have questions during a session?

We love questions! While all attendees will be able to email questions at any time, All-Access Pass members will be invited to attend live online Q&A afterglows with the speakers after each session. Be sure to read more about the All-Access pass after signing up for the Summit!


Your Summit Host


Church Media and Marketing Expert,

Founder of &

Dan has over a decade of experience in church media and marketing. Having helped thousands of churches launch websites, design marketing materials and strategize events, he's passionate about helping churches use modern day tools and technologies to reach lost people in their communities.

Your FREE Ticket to the Summit ($249 Value)

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